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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slice of Life

For any of you getting a little bummed out (like I am) to see this 30 day photography challenge draw to a close I have a remedy! If you're not already on flickr you'll need to sign up in order to take the pill I'm prescribing, but it's well worth it. Flickr is free (till you reach the limit of storage then it costs but it's pretty cheap.) I belong to several different groups on Flickr that offer monthly, weekly, some even daily themes for photos you can take and share. One in particular I've been asked to help moderate while the group admin Darrah Parker takes a little break to have her first child. The group is called Slice of Life Tuesday and each Tuesday she announces a new theme for the week. Just a suggestion for you to keep the camera in your hand. Looking forward to your flower shots from today! :)


  1. That is perfect, already belonging to the Flickr community, I will search out that group and see if I can keep up with the challenge. Kimberly, if there is something I have learned in the last month is that I love being behind the camera and that I do not intend to leave it behind anymore. This is my time to reflect and photography allows me that privilege and time to do so. Thank you so very much for everything you have done. Sincerely, m.

  2. Yeeeesssssssss! I too was a little bummed that the project was coming to an end. What a great way to fill the void! Thanks Kimberly for everything you have done. It's been great!


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