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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Next week E will be the Star Student
so we decorated his poster and filled out the questions,
nice to have a photographer mom for on hand pics of just about everything.

Favorite Food: Corn Dog
Favorite Thing To Do: Swimming and Playing
Favorite Place To Go: The Railroad Museum

Then we made cupcakes to share with his class.
I sure wish I could be a fly on the classroom wall tomorrow when he gets to talk about his poster. :)

Of course he had to sample.
Correction. We had to.

He tried on my boot, which comes up to his mid thigh, then proceeded to walk.

Hope you all had a wonderfully warm and relaxing Sunday.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Monthly Mosaic - January

Chelle from magnetised by life created a fun flickr group for those that love to create mosaics with photos. This year she's changed it up a bit and giving a monthly color and theme to focus on. For January the color was dark red and the theme was health & commitment. I'll be honest I'd taken a few shots through the month with those in mind but when it came time to put it into a mosaic I was just looking for anything red. lol. I'm using my lack of mobility as an excuse and frankly it's a valid one.

Here is my mosaic for January:

an apple a day, still ridin', recovery, LOVE DAY, juicy, KA-CHOW, vine ripe, lines and lantern, retail therapy.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A piece of me

Some days you may only get a piece of me.
It may not be the best piece, or even a very good piece.
Maybe because it's all I have to give.
Maybe because it's all you deserve.
But one day you will get a better piece of me.
And if you're patient, and worthy, you'll catch a glimpse of all of me.

January's prompt for the {in the picture} was A piece of me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Behind the wheel yesterday

Cloud filled sky's and bare naked trees...

Fog so thick the street lights glow and lead the way.

I'm glad I toted my lil D40 in my bag,
just reminding her she is still loved.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How I celebrated my birthday

Dinner and drinks with friends & laughing so hard my face hurts.

A tasty Bday lunch with my favorite boys
complete with secrets and giggles.

Appreciating every one of my 35 years.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Here comes the rain again

"Falling on my head like a memory." That Eurythmics song always pops in my head when it's raining. Do you have a favorite song about the rain that you find yourself humming when the drops fall?

Finally. It's been so dry and sunny I hardly believed the date on my calendar. Nearly 70 degrees in January? It's been nice but our snow bunnies craving the slopes and our farmers needing to earn are rejoicing today because the rain has finally come. Of course it came on my birthday weekend but I'm not doing much this year so let it rain. I'll sit here by the fire sipping coffee and stay warm.

See me in the reflections below? Yes, I am counting these towards my 52 self portrait project In The Picture. It's my first week back to work so I haven't had much time or energy to put any real effort into this yet. I'm going to spend some time this weekend on coming up with something a little better than my reflection.

Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful Friday friends!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bath time in B/W

I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in the motherhood handbook...

Take pictures of your child in the bath, you will use them in the future.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 things you may or may not know

...about me and probably could care less but I don't have much to say these days so maybe this is total filler fluff and I should spare you the 1.78 minutes you may waste reading this.

Wow. I do I sound cranky or what?

1) I despise tomatoes but I like ketchup and marinara sauce.
2) My nostrils flare when I'm irritated.
3) My relaxed mouth is a natural pout which causes people passing me to say "it's ok to smile" and I hate it.
4) I had my septum pierced for a very brief time.
5) I haven't been to the dentist in like 5 years.
6) I've read the entire Twilight series 4 times, don't judge me.
7) I cry very easily. I blame my mother, I inherited her faulty tear ducts.
8) What I miss most about my youth is my friendships.
9) My son's middle name is Lundy after my gpa and my middle name is June after my gma.
10) I care too much what people think about me.

I have a much needed hair appointment tomorrow.
Perhaps that will brighten my mood.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Sun and stuff

Shadows from the sunlight peeking in from the window this morning were a sweet sight. Sweet enough for me to hobble over and snap a couple shots.


Lay off my cereal sharky.

E lost in thought. I asked what he was thinking about..."nothing."
Such a boy.

My foot is looking so much better.
This might be gross to you but believe me it's a HUGE improvement.
I'm celebrating the fact my foot no longer looks like a zombie corpse and
each day I'm putting a little more pressure on it. I can actually stand up with no assistance and equal pressure on both feet. It's progress.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Curious Chef

Grandma got E this adorable kids cooking set complete with hat, mixing bowl, measuring cups, and all kinds of cooking utensils. He wanted to make a cake but with all the left over sweets already in the house we settled on eggs.

Lot's of fun times in the kitchen ahead with these I am sure. It's just too cute.