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Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 13

Day 13: You with 13 things

After dinner I ran around the house like a mad woman tearing things apart looking for the missing piece of my tripod then I was hunting down 13 stuffed animals followed with trying to get them set up and shot taken before the sun set while my boy kept trying to jump into the picture or do a dog pile in the fluffy animals...WHEW! I'm sweaty.

I was hoping to reference ET in my picture, not sure if I succeeded. Can you see me in there or do I blend in? ;)

Loving the variety in today's collection!

Devin <3


Laura of Captivating

Caroline of Constantly Evolving

Jennifer from Herrington Happenings

Mythical Buzzard

Sarah of Sarahenity NOW!

Eva from Being Human...

Valeria of ZenMind Project

Tomorrow is Day 14: Eyes. My favorite :)

We survived Monday!


  1. I think this is my favorite collection of photos so far. Love the ET, love the boyfriend in a box, love the M&M's, the candles, all of them!

  2. The picture of you is amazing. Just a great idea. You look really young in this picture :)

  3. Very nice collection of images being amassed here. Thank you so very much for doing this work, and it is work going about searching for images all over the net. You are an amazing human being & your work is appreciated. =)

  4. i love the ET reference and i'm glad you told me you were in the photo or i might have overlooked you :)


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