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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 11

Day 11: Something Blue

Another late night post as I was gone pretty much all day. Hence the shot from inside my car. Yes, "I got trees in my mirror so my car won't smell."

Blue is my son's favorite color so I dedicate this post to my boy. And with the little blue engine in the mix he'll love it that much more!

Devin <3

Valeria of Zen Mind Project

Sarah of Sarahenity NOW!


Jennifer from Herrington Happenings

Caroline from Constantly Evolving

Eva from Being Human...

Mina of Shining Lotus


Laura from Captivating

Tomorrow is Day 12: Sunset. I can't wait for the color pallet you all bring to the table tomorrow. It's going to be stunning!

Hope your all having a fabulous weekend.

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