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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 25

Day 25: Something Pink

Everyone seems to think Pink is only for girlie girls. I've been called girlie but the fact I'm not afraid to throw down a mean cannonball and I'm more than willing venture to work most days with out a stitch of make up proves that I'm not all girlie. However, I do love pink!! It's always been my favorite color. We've got some big beautiful pink roses in the back and I've got quite a few pink things in my closet and bedroom. But I also love pink sweets; cherry ice cream, cotton candy, strawberry starburst, and watermelon dum dums. Mmmmmm... So I chose to focus on the sweetness of pink in my photo today.

I adore this collection because all the pink just looks so sweet to me!

Devin <3


Valeria of ZenMind Project

Caroline of Constantly Evolving

Love from Eva


Sarah of Sarahenity NOW!

Jennifer of Herrington Happenings

Mina of Shining Lotus

Tomorrow is Day 26: Close up

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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