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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3

Day 3: Clouds

Of course today there was only a blanket of clouds over the sky. Yesterday would have been a perfect sky for this challenge but I guess it wouldn't be much of a challenge then would it? So far this challenge is living up to it's name. I'm not very comfortable or good at self portraits and yet here it is day 3 and I've used my remote and been in all 3 photo's. I even had to dust off my flash and lights for today's shot *gasp!*

It sounds as if most everyone participating had the same experience, clear blue skies or a blanket of haze today. Some of you decided to dig in the archives, I won't call you cheaters because your archives are too good! ;) Some of you decided to get creative.

I got cheesy.

Devin <3 (he went with clouds in his coffee...and no, he's not vain.)


Jennifer of Herrington Happenings

Caroline of Constantly Evolving

Sarah of Sarahenity NOW!

Valeria of Zen Mind Project

Mina of Shining Lotus

Laura of Captivating

I hope you all are having as much fun with this as I am!

Tomorrow's challenge is "Something Green." Excited to see what photo's you create!


  1. I love seeing all the different interpretations! Thanks for posting! And I love your clouds!!!

  2. I meant to start this project with you, am I too late? where should I post my picture? it sounded so good and I love all the interpretations you have here.

  3. That was very creative. You look just too cute


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