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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Target should have reward cards

I spend so much $ there, most of the time I'm going in for diapers or a birthday gift for one of E's friends but always swing by the clothes and usually find something I don't need but is too cheap to pass up! Early spring Target introduced me and all Target shoppers to the beauty that is Libert of London. Adorable tops and house decor in feminine prints, every time I saw one I wanted it but passed up the temptation to buy some at first (probably guilt over how much I was already spending that trip.) I went back a couple weeks later and it was all on clearance so I bought two of the tops. This one with it's layered ruffell collar is a little "clown-like" but I adore the print! I hope they do more colabo's with Liberty of London so I don't have to travel to Englad to get more!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

To color or not to color....that is the ?

I started coloring my hair in high school. I've been several different shades of red, platinum blonde, hilighted, and even a subdued pink-head. I really wasn't even sure what my natural hair color was by the time I stopped dying my hair when I turned 30. I was a toe head blonde as a kid and it gradually got darker and turns out I am a brunette. I've enjoyed my natural hair color for the past 3 years, however, these little white hairs keep sprouting up right in the FRONT! I'm only 33 I shouldn't be going gray!!! So I'm considering hitting the bottle again, the haircolor bottle that is. If I do venture back into the land of dye jobs I'm thinking I'll stick close to my natural color with maybe some very subtle sunkissed looking light pieces like this photo:

Although in my google search I found this color combo I also like:

Any one have an opinion? Should I continue to embrace my white strands with an unapologetic attitude or take the plunge back into a life of root jobs and higher priced visits to the salon in the name of rich colors?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hangin with the SS gang

With out realizing it was on Father's Day my mom purchased tickets for all of us to go see Sesame Street Live, it wasn't my dad's first choice on how to spend Fathers day, but he took one for the team. My son hasn't been to a "live show" like this yet, well once when he was a little over a year old he lasted all of 5 min in a show at Disneyland but the volume alone required he be removed immediately. I came prepared this time with ear plugs for him. It was right during his nap time so the enthusiasm wasn't there but he cried when it was over that he needed to see it again and has been singing and playing his guitar (a ukelele) since we got back. I actually enjoyed it too. How can you hang with Elmo and the SS gang on a Sunday afternoon and NOT HAVE FUN?!?!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I call it Froyo

My addiction right now is frozen yogurt, I call it froyo. A shop opened up right by my work with the new "do it yourself" trend and I swear every day it's a struggle not to satsify my cravings! Oh and then we got a few pinkberry's in town. It's like fancy froyo, and SO FREAKING GOOD! Half coconut/chocolate with fresh strawberries and chocolate chips...a party in my mouth! Worth every calorie.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

First, and possibly last, outfit post

OK, I warned it might happen...and since this outfit was inspired by my fav fashion blogger CALIVINTAGE (check out the blogs I follow) I figured I owed it to my blog to take some pics and post since it all came from my time spent on this site. She's really cute, tiny, young, and bold with her fashion choices. I have outgrown a lot of my "boldness," and I've never been tiny, but her pictures of sleeved tops under a strapless sundress got the wheels turning in my head and the hunt was on. Those of you that know me know the issues I have with exposing my arms so this idea was right up my alley. I searched a few places but found all I needed at my home away from home Target. I paired it with my Coach sandals so I wasn't head to toe Target (which happens more often than I'd like to admit.) Oh and I raided my mom's jewlery box and thought her coo coo clock necklase added a nice touch.