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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 19/Fathers day

Day 19: Something Orange

I don't usually get too wordy or personal on this blog, but today I just might. I hope you'll forgive me or even better be touched by today's post. Since the photo assignment today was something orange and I bought my dad an orange shirt for his fathers day gift (more on that later) I decided I'd do a combo Orange/Fathers Day photo.

First I just have to brag on my dad a little bit. I was driving by myself on my way to church this morning and just started to think about my dad. The kind of man he is, the things he does for his family and community, the traits in myself I'm proud of that came from his teachings...and I was brought to tears. Is he perfect? Far from it. But he's always provided, worked hard, lent a helping hand, and shown his love to his family. He's both a character and a man of character. For all of these reasons I love and appreciate my father, but what fills my heart to the point of overflow is when I stop to think of who he is to my son. I am a single mom in the sense that my son's father is not in the picture. My father has stepped in and been that role for my boy. My son is not feeling a void. He's 4 and has yet to ask me who his dad is. That question will come, I know it and am as prepared for it as I think I can be. Today I am just feeling beyond blessed that I have a great dad and my son has an amazing grandfather. We are both so loved and taken care of.

Thank you dad. We love you.

So the shirt, my dad's hobby is working and playing on the railroad. When he's out there he likes to wear the bright orange construction color for safety reasons so that's the story behind my photo today.

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Lovely collection yet again. Tomorrow will be challenging for those of you shooting with your camera phone or a point n shoot. I googled it and found this link
that might be helpful. I love me some good bokeh in a picture, I love shallow depth of field, so I am really looking forward to seeing what you all do!

Hope you had a wonderful Fathers day and funtastic weekend!


  1. Great pic of your pops! "He's both a character and a man of character." I love that.

  2. And now you've brought tears to my eyes.
    What a beautiful and heartfelt post Kimberly.
    How very lucky you and the little guy are to have him in your lives, but you know what? I think he's pretty lucky to have you too!


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