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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 5

Day 5: From a high angle

We took a quick trip downtown this afternoon and headed up to the top of a 7 story parking lot to see what kind of interesting shots might be found from above. The barrier wall was about shoulder high so that required I get a boost and face my disabling fear of heights in order to actually look down on anything. Talk about nauseating! Who's idea was this anyway? Oh yeah. Mine.

Devin <3

Caroline of Constantly Evolving

Eva from Being Human...

Mina of Shining Lotus

Jennifer of Herrington Happenings

Sarah of Sarahenity NOW!



Laura of Captivating

Valeria of Zen Mind Project

Another great collection of photo's! You all continue to inspire me.

Tomorrow is Day 6: From a low angle. Some of us may have to get dirty for this one.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I sure did. ;)


  1. Whew...It was a busy day...and I'm a little late posting. Today's theme pushed me out of my normal shooting habit, so thank you for that! Great photos everyone!

  2. You are very funny Kimberly, but I would never take that shot because when I am that high I feel like I wan to jump. Either I jumped from a building or was a bird in previous life... the bird version is better.
    I love all the photos, people are very inspired

  3. Love them all!!! And I have the same flower wedge sandals as Sarah!!! :)

    You mentioned a Pinterest badge??? I can do that for you!!! email me: caroline@nowordzphotography.com

  4. All these shots are so great and so different. Am loving this 30 day challenge:)


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