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Monday, November 1, 2010

A month of gratitude.

One of the many awesome blogs I follow posted an invitation to join her for a month of gratitude in November. I love this idea. I'm grateful for so much in my life right now and yet I find myself in a crabby mood far too often for all the blessings I have. Focusing on all that brings me joy is a fantastic idea.

Here's a link to the inspiration:



With the craziness of my schedule the past couple weeks I haven't been eating healthy. Lot's of meals out and sweets, I even attacked my son's stash of Halloween candy last night! I faced the scale and in 2 weeks I've put on 4 lbs! Today I'm grateful for fresh starts and fresh fruit. I've got a game plan of lot's of fruits and veggies and trips to the gym to undo the damage.

There's a flickr group for this project too! Join the fun!


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  1. Sounds like the start of something good!!
    Thank you for the links. Really enjoyed them!
    Have a wonderful day.



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