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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 of gratitude

I have so much to be thankful for today. My sweet boyfriend drove his exhausted self to my house (an hour away) late last night to see me. Both of our schedules have been crazy this week and will be for a few more so any chance to get together is sweet and savored. My son has taken to telling me "I love you mommy" on his own and frequently, I've been looking forward to that. The scale this morning was down 2lbs, yahoo! But then...I decided I needed a Starbucks this morning, the coffee maker was still dirty in the dish washer so it was the excuse I needed to have a treat on the way into work. I walked into my local Sbucks and was greeted with a warm "Hi Kim" from the barista, yes, I go that often. I ordered my usual drink and when she reached for the cup I saw the lovely red and quickly glanced at the board where they announce the specials or new drinks on the menu. It was there! The Eggnog Latte has arrived! "Oh! Change that to an Eggnog Latte please!" I said with a smile.

My first of the season:

Now to keep it under control before I find those 2 lbs I just lost at the bottom of a red Starbucks cup.


  1. What a wonderful post!!! Smile, smile, smile!!! Eggnog latte is one of my favorite things, and as of last week, our Starbuck's did not have it yet. You can bet I'll be there when it opens tomorrow. The longer exercise session will be so worth it (I think!!).

    Thank you for the smiles!

    P.S. If you've never had a slice of their pound cake...yup, you know where this is going!!!

  2. i always enjoy that first eggnog latte of the season. is it really that time of year already?

  3. i'm right with you ,if the french press is in the sink,it's less effort to run to starbucks,terrible isn't it! haha but great :0)
    judging by your profile pic,if you loose any weight you'll slip down a crack in the sidewalk but then again I just became one of those annoying people that tell you you don't need to loose any weight when in reality,if it is what YOU want and makes you happy,then you go girl,keep it up x

  4. i'll have to try that...


  5. Definitely going to try the eggnog latte. :)

  6. that red cup will be in my hand so soon! lol thanks for the inspiration.


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