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Monday, November 29, 2010

Grateful I hired a photographer

We're back from a fabulous trip to the coast, the whirlwind of Thanksgiving's are over. I'm sort of feeling the post holiday blues today, plus I'm pretty sure I'm fighting off a bug so the head and body aches aren't helping my mood. But my spirits are lifted because the portrait preview is up of the session I had done with my son earlier this month. I love them. They've been posted all of an hour and I think I've looked at them 20 times already.

I found Sheena via the August Break project this summer and have been following her blog ever since. I love her work and when she posted that she was coming to my home town and wanted to book a few sessions I couldn't let the opportunity pass. I'm so glad I didn't.

Today I am thankful for these pictures:


I'm fishing through all the pics of our holiday weekend now and will post them and my catch up thankfulness soon


  1. Beautiful photos! Your little dude is adorable!

  2. Kimberly - The photographs are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the second one. He is so adorable, and you look like one happy Mom!!!

  3. I'm so glad she captured the little monster coming out. It's so him. And Mom, you just look too good for words. Last word... Priceless

  4. Those photos are so lovely! A mother with her child is one of the most beautiful sights.


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