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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 25-28 of gratitude




And a man that helps in the kitchen!


  1. Right down the line, You're definitely one beautiful and talented member of one incredible family. Everyone may not know it but you captured each of their strong individualities in one still frame. I love how you can do that. A perfect setting, a perfect day, and the food was as enjoyable to eat as it was to cook. mmmwwwwaaaahhhh!

  2. lots of fun and memories....and food of course :)

    and your photos that you had taken of just you and your son are amazing !!!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time, and so beautifully captured by you! Beautiful future memories!

  4. What beautiful photographs!!! Lots to be grateful for :)

  5. The pics are great--(and so many pies)!! And the "man that helps in the kitchen!?"....that's rare in our family. I can't remember the last time I saw a man in there -- except to get more food for himself--but to actually work???! High five, Devin!


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