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Friday, November 18, 2011

Kristin and J

Last week I was driving into work in awe of the beautiful fall colors surrounding me and I posted a status on FB wishing out loud that I had a photo shoot that weekend. I didn't really expect to have not one but two families reply wanting to book right away!

Be careful what you wish and pray for! :)

I tried my best to get both booked but was only able to get one scheduled then only after a few poses into the shoot I rolled my ankle and we had to postpone the rest. I felt awful. For one we were at her parents new property which is STUNNING. I was literally giddy with all the beautiful scenery and ideas were just starting to flow when my ankle betrayed me. Fortunately they are one of the sweetest couples you'll ever meet and graciously insisted we reschedule when I have recovered. I made them promise we would come back to there to finish the shoot. I did manage to get a few good ones that I hope will make the cut for a Christmas card for this adorable couple.

Thanks again Kristin and J for the opportunity and understanding (and the ice!) This shoot is too be continued and I can't wait to finish!

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  1. Kim, these are wonderful!!
    I especially love the first and second ones.
    They must be VERY pleased with these.
    Sending you wishes for a a wonderful weekend.
    Make sure you are taking it easy!!!


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