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Friday, November 11, 2011


First off thank you from the bottom of my heart to every Veteran. Words seem a weak response to all you've done for this country.
It's what I've got so... Thank You.

I've been spending the morning enjoying my freedom before I'm captive of the couch for 2 months. I'm losing my surgery V-card and having an ankle procedure on Monday. I sincerely hope it does the trick and I'm able to run and jump and wear heels again.

I went to my first Zumba class last weekend. I'm hopping on the Zumba bandwagon a little late but what fun! I went again this morning and liked it even more. Once I'm healed up, I expect I'll be hitting a class every weekend at least.

After Zumba Elijah and I had a date to get some breakfast and go see Dolphin Tale. His obsession with Whales and Dolphins doesn't seem to be going away soon. But the flick was no longer playing at the theater so we saw Puss n Boots. It was alright. I can't wait for the Muppet movie to come out. Now that's a cast of characters I am looking forward to sharing with my boy!

I'm writing this by a warm fire, the ground outside still wet from the rain we had today. I think a cup of hot cocoa would just make this moment perfect. Hope you're all doing something to make this special day extraordinary.


  1. Great work!! Magnific shot!!

    Salut, Francesc

  2. Gotta try that zumba! Hope you are enjoying that cocoa!

  3. Love Zumba!!
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow Kim.
    Sending you hugs.


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