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Friday, November 4, 2011

Church in Africa

We went to tent services at night as well as Sunday morning service at the church where we stayed. During the worship hour(s) The young people would get into groups and take turns up front in a sort of African line dancing.

It was beyond cool.

On Sunday service every nearby village had a choir and we were treated to a performance by each. Wow. Of course I expected the music to be awesome but I was literally brought to tears by the sound of their voices. There is a quality to the voice of Africa that is wise, haunting, beautiful, and not like anything else I've ever heard. Unfortunately I never did figure out how to get my camera into video mode which I'm still kicking myself for because I never want to forget that sound. God may have created a dry and harsh land in Africa but He gave the people the gift of music and when you're standing in the middle of a hot and dusty tent listening to that sound I'm pretty sure it's a sample of what heaven will be like.


  1. WOW...these shots speak volumes! Incredible.

  2. Kim, these might be the best photos you have ever posted. Amazing!

  3. Looks wonderful. I wish I could be there


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