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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Fall in Fall

Oh fall.

You've arrived in full force and I am amazed and inspired by every rich color.

I kept my camera in hand this weekend so I'd have some photos to edit and work on while I am unable to get around, the colors around here are so beautiful and inspiring. I'm so grateful for the chance to spend a little time just hanging with my boy and my camera. It is my happy place.

I was out today doing a fun couple photo shoot at an amazing location and rolled my ankle again. Skinned my knee up good. I swear I can't wait to have this ankle fixed! I just hope the swelling of today's event doesn't give them reason to postpone my procedure. It's such a dumb ankle, I can zumba but don't get me walking on gravel. This is the second time this ankle has caused me to drop my new camera. Stupid, blasted, confounded ankle. I'm just glad this sweet couple insisted we stop and agreed to reschedule when I recover.

Tomorrow is surgery day. I'll take prayers if you're the type to give them.


  1. Not sure what you are having surgery for but I'll pray that your doctors have skilled hands and unshakeable concentration. I'll pray that you come out better than you went in. I'll pray that recovery is swift and post-op pain is minimal and fleeting. If you wish, you could pray for me when I have surgery on Dec 2nd.

  2. Hi! I'm new to your lovely blog and I have to say how beautiful your photographs are. I hope your surgery is a success and you are back out with your camera very soon.

  3. Beautiful colors indeed. Surgery? I miss that. Hope you are ok.


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