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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I love flowers

I love my church family.

This beautiful display arrived last night. They smell so good!

Today Elijah and I will watch "Up." We've never seen it. I've stocked my Netflix queue with Disney movies for us to watch together while I recover.
I love Netflix.

I've been spending these hours on the couch editing a lot of photos taken over the past couple weeks.
I love my laptop.

The pain has increased over the last couple days. I love pain meds.

My mom has been an awesome nurse. She helped me get a shower yesterday which resulted in standing water all over her bathroom floor. She said "well at least I'm getting my bathroom floor cleaned."
I love my mom.


  1. Beautiful photos.
    UP is a wonderful movie. Have fun watching

  2. Lady, I hope you had a box of tissues handy when you watched Up. Great movie, but a tear jerker if I have ever seen one.


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