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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pro's and Con's

The pro's of being in recovery over the holidays are:

1)It's cold out so I'm not sweating up a storm under this cast and I don't mind being stuck under my down comforter.

2) There is no "get stressed out over the Christmas madness" option.

3) Being home to enjoy every moment of the anticipation a 4 year old has for Christmas. I'm cherishing it.

The con's of being in recovery overy the holidays are:


It's slightly torturous.

This one is from last year.

I had my first check in since surgery and I got to see my incisions...ew.

I have a shiny new (blue) cast and a better understanding of what my surgery consisted of. The surgeon said "that was hard, take care of your recovery because I don't want to do it again!"

Neither do I Dr. Lee, neither do I.


  1. :( get better.
    I wish I could live close by to help you and maybe you could take a photo of my family

  2. i wish you a speedy and a faster then they imagined healing.....how awful to even think of having another surgery. that doctor should have bit his tongue :(

  3. Loving a look back at your images! Wait.. so you can not take photos of any kind? Can't you peek out your windows..sorta of and see different views...or invite friends over and AMBUSH them into a portrait session?? :)

  4. @ Ken, I can take photos but I can't get up and maneuver around to get the best angle/perspective etc. I can't do my best to document this season. That's the frustration. But I'm still taking shots when I see a moment I want to remember. :)

  5. Oh well !!! Life happens, right?
    Just be good and take tons of photos next year.


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