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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Break Day 30

Today has been a day of calling out sick, sleeping in late, Dayquil, lots of H2o, Puffs galore, Gossip Girl episodes on netflix, OJ, and more dayquil. I thought we'd made it through summer with out a cold but alas...it snuck up on us and it's a doozey! I have to kick this thing before we go camping this weekend so I'm doing everything I know to do to ensure it's a short lived illness. So this has been my nest of illness for most of the day. I did get a nice surprise this morning when one of my photos was featured on the Mortal Muses blog. :)
One more day of August break!


  1. congrats KJ, will have to check this one out too, love the pic above x

  2. summer colds just aren't fair....i hope you feel better soon !!

  3. Congratulations Kimberly!
    So truly well-deserved.
    Hope you are 100% better by now!


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