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Friday, August 26, 2011

August Break 25 & 26

Ahhhh weekend. It's only Friday afternoon and already you've been so good to me! Catching up with dear friends, eating delicious food (not on my diet,) an exciting lesson in the wonders of our local library for E followed by a quick nap snuggled up in his bed, and finally a fun discovery on my camera. I admit. I'm pretty green when it comes to most of the features on this thing. I was trying to get my remote to work on it to take a selfie since I actually did my hair and make up today and discovered the Multiple Exposure option. HELLO FUN! :)

Once E wakes up from his nap and Devin swings by after work it'll be time to jump in the pool. It's hot out today and I'm milking every last minute of summer till she takes off leaving me longing for her return. Happy weekend all!


  1. What a gorgeous double exposure Kim!
    You can get some really beautiful results with thus feature.
    Have fun with it, and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love the multiple exposure. Must check this out!

  3. great multiple exposure and congrats on your new lens and love your tilt flickr faves!

  4. Happy weekend for sure. Love your SP. You're so creative.


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