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Monday, August 15, 2011

My Play-date with Carmen

Some of you may remember the photo shoot I did with Carmen last year. Well it took nearly a year for us to get it together and do it again and it was kind of last min but we did it and had fun!

Here are some of my favorites

My main request of Carmen was she wear her hair natural, curly, and BIG. Of course she doesn't like to wear her hair like this, it's heavy, hot, and in the way. But I LOVE IT! I LOVE BIG HAIR, of course, I don't have it. Just another case of grass is always greener I suppose. At least she gave me my wish and let me photograph her hair in all it's big glory.

Since our last shoot Carmen has gone to ANTM casting call, Fingers crossed for you girl! The camera loves you!


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous Kimberly!
    She must be so thrilled with these.
    I especially love the 4th one.
    Just beautiful!

  2. Wow! Beautiful lady and beautiful shots.

  3. I love love love every single photo. She is gorgeous, gotta love that hair :) The light is delicious, perfect composition. Wow!! I wish you can take my photos sometime.
    I wish her luck on the casting call

  4. Great shots. Love that old car as a prop!

  5. These are awesome Kim! Love them all. LOVE LOVE that hair, and she has such a beautiful smile. You did great!

  6. she is so gorgeous....i can see why you love shooting her. wow !


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