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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Break Day 2

I didn't take these today but I have too many fun photo's from camping last weekend with my best friend Jenn and her youngest boy Brenden (AKA: Wolfy) not to share. We spent one day splashing in the Beautiful Lake Tahoe. Technically it wasn't August, but NO RULES right? ;)


  1. The last two pictures are my absolute favorites. Beautiful and fun.

  2. Awesome summer photos! I absolutely love the last one of E... every little detail on his face made me want to look at it for hours.

  3. what a blast they are having.. perfect captures.. treasured memories for sure..

  4. the last photo....with the droplets of water running down his face.....oh wow....it's fantastic !!

  5. What great photos these are Kimberly!
    They look like they were having such a wonderful time. Such great smiles.


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