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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Break Day 24

I shot these last night with my new lens. I really can't wait to take it somewhere crowded, full of people or animals I can capture with out their knowledge. For now we're just getting to know one another. This trike was something I snatched up from Devin's folks discard pile when they moved. We used to have two of these at the church when I was a kid and I remember riding them till I was way too big and had no business being on them. I liked both of these shots for different reasons and processed them in totally different styles but couldn't choose one to post so... I'm posting both. One with a nostalgic and vintage feel, one with a gritty feel focusing on the texture. Just another aspect to my eclectic taste. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I could not choose a favorite if I had to here!
    Love both of them.
    Also love your wanting to "capture without their knowledge."
    I have become so good at sneaking around because I am so bad at asking!! :-)

  2. love the trike photos....and is there anything better then a new lens....well maybe a new camera, but that's all !!!

  3. I love your first shot. it does speak volumes.

  4. OMG... ive been looking for something like this for Kennedy. I remember riding one of those as a kid!


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