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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunset Beach in B/W

I truly do love ocean shots in B/W.

I took a TON of pictures on our trip to the coast. Rather than bore you to tears with a post of 40 pictures I'll just sprinkle them in here and there.
It'll keep the memory of this great trip fresh in my mind.

Tomorrow starts the 30 day photo challenge I've decided to embark on for June!
I'm excited that some of you have decided to take the challenge too!
It's fun to see each artists interpretation, and yes, you're an artist.
Even if you're creating with your camera phone you're creating!
I might reach out to some of you participating to post some of the daily shots in a group.

Yay! Fun!


  1. i pretty much now love b&w EVERYTHING lately. did you know i have a third blog just for those photos. crazy, aren't I ? if you haven't been, it's simplyexposed.blogspot.com

    AND by the way.....your beach photos are FANTASTIC !

  2. Each of these is just wonderful Kimberly, and I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Beautiful! I had not thought about beach in black and white before but this inspires me!


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