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Monday, May 2, 2011

Checking in

Two things have kept me from the blogosphere this past week one being work:
Insanity. Crazy. Busy. Stressful.

The other being family visiting:
Love. Support. Laughter. Proud.

Next on the agenda is to plan a lil something for E's 4th bday. It's really snuck up on me this year. He'll be happy with some of his buddies, cake, and a song. I better take advantage of these times the simple things are enough.

Sorry I've been MIA and haven't stopped by your blog to say hi. I'm in need of inspiration and chuckles so I'll swing by soon.


  1. Glad you had some time off line. Such a lovely photo of you both!

  2. What a wonderful photo of you two!
    For sure, enjoy the time they are young. It all goes by way too fast.
    Thank you so much for stopping by Kimberly!

  3. this is a great photo, it sounds like you needed time off.


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