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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Juicy Slice of Summer

It's not technically summer yet but with two days in the 90's I have a feeling spring has sprung and summer is showing up to the party a tad early. We enjoyed one of our favorite summer treats tonight after dinner... how about a sweet, juicy, red slice of Watermelon?

There are only two rules to eating watermelon at our house,
it must be eaten outside and lot's of slurping should be involved.

My weekend starts tomorrow and I am SO READY for some sleeping in!


  1. My friendS told me that this blog is competitive. i will continue to read.Juicy Purses

  2. YUM....and i like your rules !!!

  3. Little fella looks like he is in a watermelon eating contest...no hands!

  4. omg! he's so adorable! i just wanna hug him. ; )


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