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Monday, May 16, 2011

I hate shopping....

...For camera equipment. Seriously! I've saved up my pennies and I want to buy a new lens for my upcoming trip to Africa and I can not decide! Every time I think I've read enough reviews and done enough comparisons I ask a photographer friend and I'm slapped back to square one. And lens shopping always leads to the question of do I upgrade my camera or not? I bought a Nikon D40 over 3 years ago as my starter camera into the land of digital SLR's and it's been great but it has limitations that I feel I am ready to stretch beyond. Do I bite the bullet and skip ahead to an FX format? It's just so much $! Am I kidding myself with even considering that? It's probably more camera than I can handle. Do I accept the fact that I'm not making enough with side portrait work to justify a purchase of that magnitude? Then there's the lenses...I want 300mm but I'd like a zoom, I know you get what you pay for so I'm leery of those under $200. Reviews are all over the place. I was looking at the Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 but the price... ugh. I can't tell you how many times I've added a piece of equipment into my "cart" on Amazon only to close the browser and exhale in frustration.

I need help, a Nikon photographer guru to be my mentor, any takers?


  1. Kimberly, I am a Nikon person, but far from a guru! I can tell you something someone told me awhile back, and it has worked for me. They told me to ask myself, "What made you move from a point-and-shoot to a dSLR?" The answer for me at the time was that it was limiting what I wanted to do with my photography. He knew that this would be my answer, and pointed that out to me. So now I will only consider upgrading or adding new things if I feel I am being honestly limited without it. That does not mean I can have or go out and purchase just anything. It just means that if I decide to purchase something, it is because I feel limited in my work without it. This has served me well for quite some time now. I don't know if this helps, but it's just my experience.


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