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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So, can you handle more cutness? You sure?

Little Makena is the niece of a VERY dear friend of mine. She gave the gift of a photo shoot to her brother and his lovely wife for their new baby girl. Makena was 6 weeks at the time of the shoot and OH SO TINY!

She's already a daddy's girl. It was so cute to see her face light up for him.

This amazing bassinet has been in the family for like 100 years, it had to be apart of the shoot. Every princess needs one of these right?

I just couldn't get enough of her little crooked smile. Adorable!

These are my favorites, mom had to take a break to feed her baby and I just snapped a few while she filled her tummy. I love that foot, little tuft of hair, and perfectly tiny ear.

Can't wait to hold her again!


  1. Ha! I love the last one. Great pics! :)

  2. Wow, kim these are fantastic!! I am speechless.

  3. these are absolutely wonderful, I especially love those last three shots, really beautiful work, congratulations.

  4. These are so very precious Kimberly, and what a fantastic job you did!!
    Truly stunning!

  5. 'Precious' is very much the word. These are beautiful! You just "saw" perfectly!

  6. gorgeous! you know I'm loving the b/w ones...its an addiction of mine but the bassinet one is so precious.


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