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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Farida pt. 2

As promised here are more favorites from the shoot with the lovely Farida.

While we were walking back to the car for yet another wardrobe change I saw these two HUGE, white, beautiful dogs heading out for a walk in the park with their owners. I said "wow those look like polar bears! How cool would it be to get them in the shoot?" I'm not bold enough to ask the owners if we could use their lovely beasts for some photo's...but I hang with bold ladies that do it for me :) Amy asked, they graciously allowed, and I love these! She looks so teeny tiny next to these gorgeous dogs!

She was such a trooper out in the cold in spaghetti straps!

Thanks again sweetheart!


  1. these photographs are fantastic, so beautifully composed and captured and I love those huge polar bear dogs in the photographs too.

  2. Kim I love, love, love the ones in the sari. SO pretty and the bright colors are beautiful!!

  3. Those dogs are too neat! That second photo is stunning as well…love the colors. ;)


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