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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Farida pt. 1

I met Farida through my dear friend Amy who was always talking about this adorable and sassy girl she worked with from Bangladesh. When I met Farida she said she liked my photography and we briefly discussed how fun it would be to do a shoot. Fast Forward a few short months and she was moving out of state so we booked the shoot with a quickness. When she arrived to the shoot, her car was full of most of the contents of her closet. She's a stylish girl so you know what that meant...WARDROBE CHANGES!

I had a blast taking her pictures! Obviously she's gorgeous and also a great model.

If you're having your pictures taken, don't be afraid you'll look silly if you play super model, don't be afraid to ham it up for the camera, your photographer will love you and those make for the best pictures!

More loveliness from my shoot with Farida to come. There were really just way too many for one post.


  1. Wow...gorgeous shots! I love the henna on her hand too!

  2. What a lovely girl, and you have captured her perfectly.
    Beautifully done Kimberly!

  3. Love it love it love it! You should come down for a SoCal shoot!


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