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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day

Valentines day was never my favorite "holiday," in fact I spent several Feb 14th's dressed in black as a form of rebellion against this day for lovers. So many of my friends, even married ones, don't celebrate this "Hallmark holiday." I usually spent it single or giving my love to a guy that didn't know the first thing about romance. This year will mark a first for me.
The first time I'm truly excited about what's in store.

I bought myself a Valentines day present too. See that adorable Kate Spade satchel with the bow? Yeah, that's my new baby. I can't help but beam a little when I show her off.
She's just TOO CUTE!

Devin is picking me up in a lil over an hour and from there it's a surprise. I'm excited! Romantic surprises are the best kind! I can't wait to spend some face time with my man and be real cheesy and mushy and all that junk. Do we need a holiday to act that way? No, but it's another excuse so WHY NOT?

Hope you all are enjoying today with loved ones and the sight of
all these red hearts don't make you gag.


  1. Ohhhh...so exciting! Have a great night and enjoy all the gooey goodness this day brings!

  2. i love the handbag, i really do.

  3. What was the surprise...tell me, tell me!


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