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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One of the super cool things about the "August break" project is that I've taken more pictures so far this month than I think I have all year. Last night I got home and I was exhausted mentally and physically from work and a killer circut at the gym. My son wanted me to rough house with him but my arms felt like noodles from the super set bicep curls and tricep extentions. So when he suggested we go outside I agreed that was a good idea, sun was setting and we all know that makes for nice pictures so I grabbed my camera. He followed me around chasing bugs and throwing pool toys in the pool. I took pictures of the ripples he made until it was dinner time.

After dinner I saw that my Fall Fashion In Style had arrived, Summer is almost over.


  1. Yes, on the Fall Fashion!!!! I got mine (InStyle) yesterday, and am waiting for the perfect quiet moment (hours, actually) to savor it. Vogue should be here in a few weeks. My kids have been known to hold it for ransom :-)

    P.S. Love the beach chair shot!

  2. Yes I'm waiting for a quiet moment to dive into the thick glossy pictures of fall fashion. I'll have to go pick up the Vogue too. :O)


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