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Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Born Shoot

Did my first new born photoshoot today. I'm SO not professional, I'm armed with a nikon D40 and an SB-600 flash....thats it. I own no back grounds, lighting, tri-pod, or additional lenses, YET. But I make due and I don't charge a fee so all this is getting experience and enjoying myself.
My dear friend Amy became a mother on the 5th, her beautiful baby boy Noah was a wonderful model. We tried to start the shoot off with him awake but as most new borns do he only wanted to spend waking hours attatched to mama's boob. So after a quick feeding he was knocked out and a MUCH more cooperative model. Of course once we decided to brave the naked baby pics with out a diaper we payed the price, good thing we saved those for last because the "backdrop" was soaked. This will be the first of many shoots with precious little Noah.


  1. Kimberly!!! I love the first and last one....especially the last one.

  2. Thanks Dave! Always appreciate your input.


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