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Saturday, January 16, 2010

P.S. I love you

I rented the movie "P.S I Love You," The one with Hilary Swank. I knew the jist of the story line and that it was going to make me cry so although it's been recommended to me by a few people it took me a while to finally watch it. I sort of have to be in the mood for a movie I know is going to make me cry, that mood doesn't happen often. Especially having just gone through yet another break up and facing 33 single, a sad love story wasn't on the top of my list. BUT, I rented it since there wasn't much else on the blockbuster wall I hadn't already seen. Man, talk about a sobfest! Such a great movie, great casting, acting, story, all of it was really good. I held my breath through a few parts so my sobs wouldn't distract my mom from the movie. I want a love like that, I think we all do, some of us are even lucky enough to have it. To have it and lose it...now that would be a true test of someone's strength. My eyes are puffy from crying.


  1. This movie is on my top 10 list. It took me a while to watch it to and I was pleasantly surprised. If you haven't seen it yet, check out number 1 on my top 10...Ever After. (if you haven't seen it already)

  2. Of course I've seen Ever After...I adore Drew! I haven't seen it in a long time, might be time to review it again.


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