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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday's fly by

Got up early because my little man (who still manages to sleep in my bed from around 3am till wake up time) had a bad dream and woke up crying around 6:45am. Why this had to happen on a Saturday...no words. I wasn't able to calm him down before the fragile time frame of getting him back to sleep was over so it was an early start Satruday. We had to get up and get ready for a 10 am Bday party for a 5 year old at the dreaded Chuck-E-Cheese facility. For those of you not familiar with this establishment picture 65 children ages ranging from 1-8 years old running around in a panic to play as many pointless video and carnival games as possible in the quest to earn fists full of tickets they can later turn in for cheap toys and stale candy once thier parents have run out of patience and are dragging them by the hair insisting it's time to turn in the tickets and go home. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, maybe it's more like 50 kids. Either way this place gives me mini panic attacks and I'm a relatively calm and laid back person. Part of the problem is my child is too young to venture off into this field of chaos with out my help so I'm forced to follow him through the maze of blinking lights and running midgets counting how many tokens we have left so I know just how long the torture will last. I survived the birthday party with out losing it and actually enjoyed a few moments with my precious boy when he wasn't crying because the game/ride was over. I then went home to write another chapter in my new found hobby, cooking. I've never been much of a cook but now that I'm getting fresh veggies delivered to my door (more on that another day,) most of which I've never eaten much less cooked with, I'm being challenged to be adventurous. Made some veggie and ricotta filled pasta shells that turned out ok. Nothing I'll do again but they are edible. Next it was off to the Kings basketball game. Long story short the date I'd planned on having when I purchased the tickets was no longer invited so I managed to find one friend that was actually free on Sat night last min and the lovely Claire joined me for the game. I don't know Claire very well, we have a mutual friend and have actually only spent time together a handfull of times but she is a no nonesense, sassy girl and I like those kinds. We had a good time, my team continues to suck, I drank two high priced beers and bought my son a mini basketball because I spoil him. It's been a busy day, Saturdays always seem to just fly by with all I pack into them. Looking forward to what I hope to be a lazy and relaxing Sunday tomorrow. Perhaps I'll even get my camera out I've been so inspired lately from the blogs I've been following. Night.

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  1. What a day! Sorry I didn't battle the chaos with you. I prefer to throw Larry in with the 3 boys and sit back and LMAO!! It's not as fun now that the 2 older ones can trade their tickets in for prizes by themselves.

    Thanks again for coming!!


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