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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow Trip

Another B-day behind me. Feeling no different at 33 as expected. I made great plans to ensure I had a wonderful birthday; a day of pampering, dinner and drinks with friends, then headed to the snow with my family for the rest of the weekend. There was SO MUCH snow! I can't remember a time I've ever been in such a winter wonderland. It always surprises me just how quiet and peacefull everything is when insulated with white fluffy snow. My son and I made a snow man and giggled together as we shot down the snow hills on the plastic disc. What consistently caught my eye and ensured I spent some time with my camera in hand (which scared me a bit with the snow fall) were the HUGE icicles hanging from every rooftop in sight. A whole lot of beauty this valley girl doesn't see often. Can't wait to head back!

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