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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday night with Step-on-me

My sweet friend Stephanie, who I've known since the embarrassing years of high school, was in town visiting from So Cal last night. We made plans to get together for dinner and chat and decided to take a lil stroll downtown afterwards. It was just her, my camera, and I enjoying the city lights and sights. I adore this girl. Not only is she spaz-tically silly and hilarious she's genuine and loving and strong. She's my "mini Jillian Michaels" and I'd kill for her to move back to Sac and be my personal trainer. I mean check out this girls arm definition! I will not give up on this dream until it is a reality and she's making me puke in a gym somewhere. Here are a few shots from our evening in Sactown.

Photo shoot tonight with a family of 5! Praying the rain waits till we're done. I've never done a family shoot before so this is a new and exciting challenge for this photographer. Wish me good weather!


  1. Wow! It takes an amazing amount of discipline to "grow" arms like that! Good luck on the photo shoot, and hope to see some photos from it.

  2. Your compositions are fantastic.


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