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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Looking for moments

I wish I had the free time necessary to roam, and explore, and capture, and create. Right now my weekends are booked with shoots, and birthdays, and fund-raising, and dates...(hee hee!) Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining one bit. So much good stuff jammed packed into my free time I'm overflowing with gratitude. I just long for a date with my camera where no expectations are set. I don't anticipate I'll have one of those anytime soon so for now I'll just tote it along with me on these adventures and hope that inspiration and action find it's way to me in a moment.

Happy Friday Beautiful Bloggers!


  1. busy is good....a blessing in fact. swim in all that busyness but don't forget to breathe :)

  2. This is gorgeous Kimberly! The light is wonderful.
    I know what you mean about going out with your camera and no expectations. For me, it's one photography class after another, and although i am loving it, and learning a lot, almost every time I go out with my camera, there is a specific theme that I am after for one of my class assignments. I am thinking that when this one ends, I'll take a break, so I can just do my own "thing" for a bit!! We'll see...

  3. Looks like you found the inspiration in this pic, lovely!

    Me, I just leave my camera lying around in the house and I spot something, can't help it, the hand reaches out .... it's automatic!

    Enjoy your life

    Sue x

  4. I totally hear you, I feel the same right now. And oh my, beautiful fall bokeh! Love this!
    Happy weekend to you (because it's already Saturday in this part of the world)!

  5. Beautiful fall pics. I love them.

    Oh to answer your question, I used 17/40mm f/1.4 slr canon lens for my friends wedding.

  6. hello Kimberly, thank you for passing by :)

    as you i long for time to be creative, me, the world and my camera !!!


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