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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Target should have reward cards

I spend so much $ there, most of the time I'm going in for diapers or a birthday gift for one of E's friends but always swing by the clothes and usually find something I don't need but is too cheap to pass up! Early spring Target introduced me and all Target shoppers to the beauty that is Libert of London. Adorable tops and house decor in feminine prints, every time I saw one I wanted it but passed up the temptation to buy some at first (probably guilt over how much I was already spending that trip.) I went back a couple weeks later and it was all on clearance so I bought two of the tops. This one with it's layered ruffell collar is a little "clown-like" but I adore the print! I hope they do more colabo's with Liberty of London so I don't have to travel to Englad to get more!


  1. NIce pairing with the sweater and the bag. Speaking of the bag....where did you get that beauty?

  2. That's the precious little number I found at the consigment shop near my house. $8!

  3. I love that handbag. Its so cute. The detailing is the best part.


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