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Sunday, June 6, 2010

First, and possibly last, outfit post

OK, I warned it might happen...and since this outfit was inspired by my fav fashion blogger CALIVINTAGE (check out the blogs I follow) I figured I owed it to my blog to take some pics and post since it all came from my time spent on this site. She's really cute, tiny, young, and bold with her fashion choices. I have outgrown a lot of my "boldness," and I've never been tiny, but her pictures of sleeved tops under a strapless sundress got the wheels turning in my head and the hunt was on. Those of you that know me know the issues I have with exposing my arms so this idea was right up my alley. I searched a few places but found all I needed at my home away from home Target. I paired it with my Coach sandals so I wasn't head to toe Target (which happens more often than I'd like to admit.) Oh and I raided my mom's jewlery box and thought her coo coo clock necklase added a nice touch.


  1. This outfit is adorable! Target...you say? hmmmm gotta check this out. Nice work.

  2. That's great...you put it all together very well, and looks great on you. Of course, you are gorgeous--and I've always thought, you should have/could have been a model.

  3. Um...so cute! I love the necklace. You should do more of these!

  4. I have a new respect for those fashion bloggers that post a daily outfit. Especially those with out a photographer boyfriend/husband. I must have taken 50 pictures with my tripod and remote and these were honestly the only post worth ones!


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