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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hangin with the SS gang

With out realizing it was on Father's Day my mom purchased tickets for all of us to go see Sesame Street Live, it wasn't my dad's first choice on how to spend Fathers day, but he took one for the team. My son hasn't been to a "live show" like this yet, well once when he was a little over a year old he lasted all of 5 min in a show at Disneyland but the volume alone required he be removed immediately. I came prepared this time with ear plugs for him. It was right during his nap time so the enthusiasm wasn't there but he cried when it was over that he needed to see it again and has been singing and playing his guitar (a ukelele) since we got back. I actually enjoyed it too. How can you hang with Elmo and the SS gang on a Sunday afternoon and NOT HAVE FUN?!?!


  1. aww I think my sons would like that sesame street live.

    Miss HIV is available to view on hulu.com http://www.hulu.com/watch/144530/miss-hiv
    netflix does not have it. I use netflix and searched there first.


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    Je suis très désolée for the late reply!
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