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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

My friend and I took our boys to Exploratorium in San Francisco on Friday.
What a FUN place! It's a hands on science museum perfect for two 4 year old boys that want to touch and experience everything for themselves.

It was also perfect for two mom's tired of yelling
"Don't touch that!" I had fun experimenting and learned a few things too.

We all had a blast but we ran out of time before we'd even made it to the 2nd level so a trip back is a must. Next time go earlier, the traffic home was a bear!

Elijah and his buddy (who are often mistaken for brothers) were just too cute
and the sky lights and reflective glass provided so many photo opportunities...
I was having my own fun snapping away.

Last night Devin and I had a date night, we went to the Tower Theater and saw
The Tree of Life.


From the previews I gathered that it was a story about a father and son relationship and outside of that the cinematography and cast was what drew me to it. This is not a film for everyone. It's difficult to follow, I spent much of the 2+ hours trying to figure out if it was too abstract to figure out or if I was too sober to enjoy it but then moments I did "get" would touch me and
the beauty on the screen would overwhelm me and I loved it again.
It was a frustrating and beautiful experience. Devin and I went to Tower cafe after wards for coffee dessert and discussion about the film. I love that he enjoys artistic and independent films that make you think and talk about hours and even days later.

We wrapped up the weekend at church this morning where our favorite southern gospel quartet Sons of Light put on a wonderful and touching performance.

I trust you all have had a wonderful weekend!


  1. The reflection is hands down, no contest, the finest photo you have every shared publicly, our privately to me. Its perfect. Light and shadows exactly where they should be. If you take it out of context, its so much more dramatic as you see a boy looking ahead and his reflection, lit differently, looking back. Superb, and I couldn't improve on it.

  2. what truly fantastic shots, wow! they are exceptional, so well composed and processed.

  3. Those are great shots!! My hubby and I went to the exploratorium when we were in sf about 10 years ago. It's a great place for a curious man to touch everything too!

  4. I love Dave's comment - I'm thinking this must be the one you took when I heard you say "that was it". :) I love it for all of Dave's reasons, but also for one special reason of my own. Thank you for capturing all the pics of the boys that day in such a beautiful and artistic way. Love the one of their little curly heads, with E's web and Z's stripe in the same hues... makes me smile and almost forget that drive home. ;)

  5. OMG....the light in the exploratorium is beyond amazing. what brilliant photos you captured !!!

  6. Such wonderful shots of the little ones Kimberly, and it sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!

  7. Those are fun photos. Great reflections and the boys are just way too cute


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