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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Fireworks are pretty much the best part about celebrating our Countries birthday. My boy is still pretty cautious about them and prefers to watch them from a safe distance, usually inside the house, yet he's completely awed and fascinated by them too. Which is good. Because I am like a 5 year old kid when the big light show begins complete with gaping mouth and "oooooooooo's" and "ahhhhhhhhh's."

The heat is in full effect here. 100+ temps are being reached and all I want to do is hit the pool or eat ice cream. Hot weather, hot fireworks, hot dogs... should be a smokin hot 4th of July! Hence the above shot of my boy manning the fire lane. :)

Have a happy one!


  1. This is great shot. Love it.
    Happy 4th !!!

  2. Sounds just like my kids when they were that age!
    Truly nothing quite so wonderful as seeing fireworks through a child's eyes!
    Enjoy every moment my friend, and have a beautiful 4th of July!

  3. love love love.....like really LOVE this photo !!!


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