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Monday, July 25, 2011

August Break Part 2

Susannah Conway is a talented writer, teacher, photographer that last August organized the August break. The August break was a month long challenge for bloggers to post one pic a day, no words required, no rules. In participating last summer I connected with some wonderful fellow photographers and bloggers who now, a year later, I still follow. Well....

She's at it again!

And I just got a new camera so looks like I'll be Breakin' this August again! :) Click on the link to find out more and add your blog to the blog roll of participators, she's also got a flickr page set up for sharing your daily pics.


  1. Hurray for new cameras !! Share with us all about it.
    I am also on a hunt for a new camera. I will check this blog and maybe will join you, not sure because summer has been busy around here.

  2. So glad you will be doing The August Break Kimberly!!
    I am quite sure that is how I "met" you last year!!
    Congratulations on the new camera!!
    Perfect timing!

  3. I am also very excited about the August Break.
    Your new camera sounds magical. Have fun with it.

  4. Just when I was wondering what to do next:)


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