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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jamie pt. 1

Last weekend I scheduled a super fun photo shoot with my BFF and her little sister at a vintage house that's been converted into several businesses. Jenn, my best friend for 15 years, isn't too comfortable in front of the camera. Her little sister Jamie on the other hand would probably invite the paparazzi to her house! She had a great time playing super model and I had a blast firing off shot after shot. I took a TON, I do mean a TON of pictures so I'll finish editing and posting them in phases.

* click on any image to view larger


  1. I LOVE!!! Thank you so much for a fun evening and great pics!!!!!!

  2. what an adorable location! i love the red and gold door.


  3. These are great shots!
    You really captured her ease with the camera, and she is a lovely girl!


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