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Monday, September 27, 2010

Carmen pt. 3

Here are the final favorites from my shoot with Carmen. She's already paid me back with several recommendations that have turned into some bookings. Next month is going to be EXTREMELY busy with shoots. Honestly I'm a little nervous and overwhelmed but mostly just grateful for the gift of a good eye, the ability to learn the technical stuff (which still gives me the deer in the headlights face when I try to learn new things on my own,) and the support of so many of my dear friends. I've already learned through this journey that I will always encourage and support a friend looking to chase a dream or make a positive change because I've felt what it's like not to get that support from some friends and it's kind of rotten. Remember...there's room in this world for lot's of stars!

Thank you again Miss Carmen. You are extraordinary!


  1. These pics are amazing pics. And congrats on the bookings. That's awesome. Can't wait to see more.

    You're right, there is room enought for more starts.

  2. Congratulations Kimberly!!
    Your photography really is amazing.

  3. Kimmie you are amazing! I am so in love with your work (and not just because you took fabulous pix of me, lol) I'm more than happy to send work your way, because that's just more beautiful pictures for me to enjoy :)


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