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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins

So I FINALLY got to see some live music! I will admit I miss the freedom to attend a bunch of summer tours. This summer I waited and waited for the right band that wasn't touring with some huge two day festival, close to town, on a date friends were free to join me and I could get a sitter. All the stars lined up and I was able to go see Smashing Pumpkins last night at the Crest.

First of all the Crest: You really couldn't ask for a better venue. Historic building from the 1940's that's been restored to absolute perfection. It's a small venue so the intimate setting is great for any concert.

SP put on an amazing show. Of course I was a little disappointed when I heard that Billy Corgan was the only OG member of the band that would be on stage, but it didn't matter one bit. He may have his quirks but none of them interfere with his ability to make music and surround himself with crazy talent. His voice is haunting and unique, he is a crazy good front man...the show was beyond my expectations and finally scratched my itch for a GOOD LIVE SHOW!


  1. Wow, that venue looks sweet! I love SP, that looks so fun. I feel ya on the stars aligning for something like this when you are a mom...I'm envious.

  2. Sounds like this was great!!
    The photos are wonderful.

    P.S. Thank you for visiting, and the D80 got shipped out for repair a few minutes ago (knew I would do that!). Hey, always good to have a spare right?


  3. Your awesome for capturing the details of that place. What a nice venue.
    Good shots too. Angle, composition, lighting, everything.

    And the SP. Always awesome. :)


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