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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Juror # 6

I got the golden ticket! I went in for my civic duty this morning for Jury Duty. I am one of those rare people that would volunteer for it if I could. The whole judicial system is fascinating and even if I spend the whole day with nothing to do it's a great opportunity to get through a book. Spent much of the day wishing I had my Nikon slung around my neck that's sort of frowned upon so I tried to discretely snap some shots with my Driod. The building is just old enough to be kind of cool and I was attracted to all the symmetry.

Just a few shots from my day.


  1. It is rare you find someone that wants to be a part of this civic duty. Be proud of you!
    I like the photo of those black metal meshwork chairs in the corridor, shows strength but on the other hand, vulnerability.

    God bless you for your dedication and civic pride.

  2. I love the feeling of starkness in these photos...the light in the one with the empty chairs is amazing and I love the photos of the stairs..wonderful symmetry.

  3. great inspiration in these, love the 6th & 7th ones x


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