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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Next week E will be the Star Student
so we decorated his poster and filled out the questions,
nice to have a photographer mom for on hand pics of just about everything.

Favorite Food: Corn Dog
Favorite Thing To Do: Swimming and Playing
Favorite Place To Go: The Railroad Museum

Then we made cupcakes to share with his class.
I sure wish I could be a fly on the classroom wall tomorrow when he gets to talk about his poster. :)

Of course he had to sample.
Correction. We had to.

He tried on my boot, which comes up to his mid thigh, then proceeded to walk.

Hope you all had a wonderfully warm and relaxing Sunday.


  1. I loved when my kids did the star student posters...so cute. My oldest loooooves corn dogs! Shhhhh...I do too!

  2. it would be just wrong to bake anything for someone else to eat without testing it first....

  3. I came via "Be Yourself" blog. I then saw your precious son with that familiar boot and was curious as to know why. Searching your post, I found the reason and the challenges you have face. I battled a broken leg for over 3 years and 8 unexpected surgeries. I am almost out of my boot, thank the lord, and I pray you will be too very soon. Keeping the faith was a struggle but you find there are lessons in your hardship. The lord must have truly wanted my attention as I was quite stubborn so my trial lasted well beyond what the dr's ever thought. 3-6 months and 1 surgery turn into way more, it was even a challenge for the dr's too and their ego.

    Lean on the lord for your strength and he WILL direct your path. You now can take what you have learned with your struggle(s)to help someone else. Its all in GOD's plan and in the end, He gets all the glory.

    One thing I learned how to get around without that dad-blasted wheelchair. Since my broken leg was near my right ankle, those walkers with the seat and bike type handle bars and 4 wheels make great scooters. Predicated you have a good healthy knee. Just place your knee on the seat and use your good foot to push off, you can control the breaks with your hands and lean left or right when you want to turn. Also when tired you can sit on the walker and scoot yourself around and they are narrow too so its great in tight places.

    OH! I know your biceps will be in super shape, I have rocks for arms.

    I will be back to visit, to see more of your trip to Africa too. You have an amazing GOD given talent for photography! Outstanding creative eye.

    GOD bless and keep you strong both physically and spiritually.

  4. I work in a school so I have the privilege of seeing "about me" boards all the time. This one is definitely one of the best I have ever seen. Great job!

  5. I remember this! When my kids were this age, it was called "Student of the Week."
    I still have the posters they made.
    E is the picture of a Star Student!!

    Do save me a cupcake. They look so yummy!

  6. he is so beautiful! oh and yum to those cupcakes. ; )


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